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  • To attract & retain staff.
  • To strengthen employer/employee relationship.
  • Flexibility of contribution and benefits for both employers and employees.
  • Contribution to a Pension scheme will be accounted as an expense and will reduce the taxable profits of the business.
  • Benefits are portable – the employee is not penalised on switching jobs.
  • Pension at retirement may fully off-set retirement gratuity otherwise payable under the Workers’ Right Act.

Why join Super Fund


  • We are a UNIQUE not-for-profit organisation working in the best interests of our members, with all investment return fully distributed to them.
  • Low management fees.
  • No minimum number of employees required to join the scheme.
  • Remarkable Outstanding investment performance since inception (1999).
  • Pooled fund concept allows economies of scale.
  • Transparency: Both employers and employees are represented on the Management Committee of the Fund.
  • Risk benefits are insured separately at best available terms.
  • Regular reporting to members assures total transparency.
  • Members have online access to accounts through our website.
  • Members receive a personalised Annual Benefits Statement, which recaps accumulated benefits and indicates pension projections at retirement.

What members say about us

In the BPO sector, turnover of workforce can be very high. Being a qualitative and not a quantitative BPO organization, where a subsequent amount has been invested on the training of the staff, it was only normal for us to offer a good pension plan to motivate our personnel and help them feel secure for their future in our company. The choice of Super Fund was because of their concept and outstanding performance since its creation.

I am very happy to be a member of Superfund. I am pleased with the performance of the pension fund, the service is very good, with a website access to my account at any time. Keep up the good work.

I chose the Super Fund a few years back because I had analysed that this Pension Fund had an excellent growth record compared to the other schemes available on the market. I have not been disappointed as the fund is still doing very well and the service is very good. We are kept informed of the performance of the fund regularly and we receive a statement of account giving us details about the evolution of our fund and this is rather unique. I have never been advised of the evolution of my pension account in my previous jobs. I had to ask for it to receive it.

To be able to have access to the Super Fund, my company had to be a member of the MEF. This actually turned up to be something worthwhile as well. The services and assistance offered by the MEF are very useful for the small and medium enterprise. Whenever we have a question the labour laws, for example, we call the MEF and we always receive a valuable answer. The service is excellent.